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Start recording your Podcasts

remotely with LiLiCALL

LiLiCALL is the perfect tool for recording remote conversations and interviews that you will use in your communications or podcasts.

 For everyone to have great audio quality in LiLiCALL, we even applied some Noise Reduction 😄 We developed here an optimized and convenient feature.

So let's see how it works!

1. First things first, go on your episode preparator page and click on "Call Room" from the "Audio" top left tab. Alternatively, with card by card recording, you can create a Call Room for each part of your episode. The Call Room is where everything will happen.

2. From there, you can Invite your Guests (unlimited number!) with the link to the call room, as shown below.

3. Get into the Call Room

For the host of the LiLiCALL, the "Edit call room" button allows you to edit the call room, and the "Join call room" button to join the call room and have access to all the recording features.

You will get in the Call Room and will be able to Start Recording your Conversation 🎤 While exchanging with your guests or interviewing them, you can start and stop the recording as you wish. You will eventually find these audios from the sync button in the bottom left corner (see step 4).

4. Synchronize the recordings

Go to the 'Sync the recordings' button in the bottom left corner of your screen. From there you have to click on 'Sync the recordings below to LiLiCAST.' It will add your audios from your LiLiCALL to your episode.

Nice, you know now how to use LiLiCALL! 😄

One other thing, you can either record an entire interview or conversation... or write a more elaborate script and use LiLiCALL only for certain cards. 

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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