The different roles within an organisation

Discover the different roles within an organisation on LiLiCAST. LiLiCAST is a collaborative platform allowing you to work in teams efficiently.

Change your organisation's logo

Find out how to add and use your own logo in your animated podcasts. LiLiCAST allows you to create visuals according to your organization's branding.

Transfer a personal LiLiCAST to your organisation

Learn how to transfer your personal communication episodes to your organisation in no time. LiLiCAST is user friendly.

The organisation selector

In LiLiCAST, you can create your own animated podcasts and create others collaboratively within your organization space. Learn how to access the organisation space.

How to change your templates' colors (organisation only)

Learn how to use your organization's colors and logo for your Lilicast templates. Define your custom branding.