The audio editor (Video Tutorial)

Discover how to keep the best part of your audio for creating an impactful animated podcast.

The audio zoom

Learn how to trim the audio of your animated podcast more accurately. The audio zoom will allow you to crop your audio with precision, so that you keep only the best part of your message.

Pimp your audio

Podcast jingles, background music. LiLiCAST is a complete tool for creating animated podcasts.

Card by Card Recording

Record your voice in parts very easily.

Fade-In and Fade-Out

Discover how to Fade In and Fade Out your audio in LiLiCAST. Start creating powerful and professional animated podcasts or communications.


Start using Text-to-Speech in LiLiCAST. The Text-to-Speech feature makes the LiLiCAST process even easier. It's a phenomenal tool for translating your videos into different languages.