The episode script editor

Learn how you can prepare your episode alone or in a team. Start creating qualitative content with the episode guide.

The segments

The use of segments is very intuitive and will allow you to prepare your episode or communication quickly.

Content cards

Learn how to add the key points of your communication or your notes to your content cards and discover features that will save you time!

The content library

Thanks to the sequence library of LiLiCAST, reuse the frame and content of your episodes or communications without difficulty.

Segment responsible

Learn about the role and rights of the Segment Manager. LiLiCAST allows you to work as a team in an optimized way through the management collaborators' roles in a workspace.

How to apply a template to an episode

Learn how to prepare a show template that you can apply to all your episodes or communications simply.

How and why highlighting?

Highlight the key ideas of your episode with the content card highlighting feature. Content cards are perfect for structuring your messages.

The built-in voice recorder

One of the options to add sound to your episode is to use the built-in voice recorder integrated into LiLiCAST. It's very simple and you can do it from your computer or smartphone.

Export the content of an episode into a Word document

Once your episode is written, it is possible to export its content as a Word document. Create your columns or communications easily using the LiLiCAST preparer.