Create a new series

Learn how to create a show in which you can add and manage your columns, or your communication episodes.

The series page

Find out how to manage your series from LiLiCAST. You will find everything you need to manage your episodes or columns.

Seasons of a series

In LiLiCAST you can add seasons to your show and easily plan your episodes. Learn how to do so.

Add a photo to series and episodes

Add a picture to your series and episodes. You can manage and build your shows easily from LiLiCAST.

Create a new episode

Discover how you can create and plan episodes of your show from LiLiCAST. Working on your communications or columns has never been easier.

How to remove an episode

Remove episodes you no longer wish to keep. Manage your shows optimally with LiLiCAST.

Upload / replace audio in an episode

Whether you have a radio show or a podcast, learn how to upload or replace the audio of your episodes.