How to broadcast your LiLiCAST on podcast platforms

Learn how to share your LiLiCAST as a podcast on your favorite podcast platforms.

The podcast widget and embedded player

Use from now on our new widget that will bring your podcast display to the next level.

Send a LiLiCAST

Share your LiLiCASTs very easily from your mobile or computer thanks to the direct send button.

Share a LiLiCAST on Facebook

Gain visibility and learn how to quickly share your animated podcast on Facebook. From your computer or mobile, use direct links from the LiLiCAST application.

Share a LiLiCAST on LinkedIn

Learn how to share your communication or animated podcast on your LinkedIn page.

Share a LiLiCAST on WordPress (Pro Version)

Learn how to share your communication on the WordPress site of your organization. Link LiLiCAST to WordPress and save time by sharing your posts smartly!