How to create the visuals (Video Tutorial)

Learn how to create the visuals for your animated podcast. LiLiCAST is an all-in-one tool allowing you to create your podcast from A to Z very quickly.

Tips to create impactful visuals

The social video format is the most popular format for sharing a message. Learn how to create impactful visuals while keeping your communication authentic.

Add an image/video to a visual

LiLiCAST includes a full-featured visual editor that guides you and allows you to add your own images and videos or choose from the millions available in the application.

Select a video format

Adapt the format of your animated podcast to each social network easily, and grow your audience.

Synchronize visuals with audio

Discover how to synchronize your Lilicast visuals with your audio and get a professional result quickly.

Synchronize and spread visuals automatically

Synchronize and spread your visuals with the Automatic video composition feature. AI helps you to build a message that your audience will remember.

How to add subtitles

Make the content of your animated podcast or communication more impactful using the subtitle synchronization feature available in LiLiCAST.

Download audio / video

In LiLiCAST, you can download your podcast as an audio file or video, according to your need.